2023 Cushman Hauler® Pro Cushman

  • Model: Hauler® Pro
  • Year: 2023
  • Horsepower (kW): 22.4 hp (16.7 kW)
  • Battery: (9) 8V, deep-cycle
  • Battery Charger: 72V DC
  • Fuel Type: 72V DC
  • Engine Type: AC induction
  • Drive Train: Motor shaft direct drive
  • Axles: Differential with helical gears
  • Brakes: Service: Rear wheel mechanical self-adjusting drum
    Parking: Self-compensating, single point engagement
  • Tires: 20x8-10 (4-ply rated)


  • Eliminate bulky chargers for easier, convenient charging
  • Excellent stability without damaging turf
  • More efficient performance and hill-climbing power
  • More storage and added convenience


  • Added flexibility to connect and tow equipment
  • Lighter weight, yet durable for heavy loads

It’s time to raise your expectations of electric-powered vehicles. With a 72V AC drivetrain that offers the hauling and hillclimbing power you need, the Hauler® PRO has the capacity to outperform its gas-powered competitors. Couple that with optional IntelliBrake™ technology, silent operation and zero-emissions, and the Hauler PRO quietly turns skeptics into believers.

Equipment Type
Specialty Vehicles / Utility