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Material Handling Equipment in Marion, Indiana

Bohl Equipment Co. has a longstanding reputation in Marion, Indiana, and the surrounding region for supplying the most reliable and cost-effective material handling solutions. We take pride in being one of the oldest family-owned dealerships in the country. Our experts have decades of combined experience helping customers select the most practical and effective equipment for their unique applications.

Types of New Warehouse Equipment We Offer in Marion

Bohl Equipment Co. is a full-service forklift and equipment dealer in Marion offering a comprehensive range of material handling solutions, including:

  • Forklifts: Choosing the most practical forklift for your application maximizes warehouse efficiency and employee safety. We offer many models of high-quality forklifts for warehouses, loading docks and manufacturing plants from the industry’s most recognized brands.
  • Specialty vehicles: Specialty vehicles like personnel transport carts, burden carriers and tow tractors are the most practical and effective solutions for transporting personnel and tools throughout your facility. 
  • Golf carts: Golf carts are compact, maneuverable and efficient for transporting supplies and personnel across expansive warehouse spaces quickly and safely. These vehicles can navigate narrow aisleways and access tight spaces where larger vehicles are impractical.
  • Utility vehicles: Utility vehicles like shuttles, stock chasers and similar equipment reduce manual labor, speed up transport times and improve overall operational efficiency. These solutions transport finished goods, materials and personnel quickly and safely across your warehouse, saving time and effort.
  • Specialty equipment: Specialty equipment like multi-directional forklifts and side loaders are crucial for large warehouses and distribution facilities because they offer more flexibility and maneuverability in handling goods when conventional forklifts are impractical.
  • Floor cleaning equipment: High-performance floor cleaning equipment enables large warehouses and distribution facilities to maintain a safe and efficient working environment. These sweepers and scrubbers help keep floors clean and safe, allowing workers and equipment to move around without hazards or obstructions.

Used Material Handling Equipment

Used forklifts and other material handling solutions from Bohl Equipment Co. save money without sacrificing safety, quality or performance. Our pre-owned inventory features models from many of today’s top brands, including Hyster, Yale, Cushman and more. 

Marion Forklift Rentals and Other Material Handling Services

Bohl Equipment Co. offers customers in Marion an extensive service range, from equipment parts and accessories to repair and maintenance services. Specific offerings include:

  • Rentals: We offer hundreds of newer model rental units with flexible agreements based on your requirements, whether for a day, a week, a month or longer.
  • Parts and accessories: Our inventory of parts and accessories helps customers save money by maximizing performance and minimizing unwanted downtime.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Our highly skilled, experienced technicians can handle repair and maintenance for all your material handling equipment.
  • Training: We offer overhead crane and forklift operator training, including the latest regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Contact Us Today for More Information

If you’re looking for a reliable forklift dealer in Marion or the surrounding Indiana communities, Bohl Equipment Co. is the perfect choice. For decades, we have been helping businesses maximize facility efficiency and safety by offering the most dependable and cost-efficient material handling solutions. Contact us today to learn more.