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Material Handling Equipment in Toledo, Ohio

Bohl Equipment Co. is a single source of dependable and cost-effective material handling equipment in Toledo and the nearby Ohio communities. We offer solutions from many of today’s top equipment manufacturers, including Hyster, Yale, Cushman and other recognized names. 

New Warehouse Equipment in Toledo

Our new equipment lineup features models with many advanced features that maximize safety, performance and operator comfort. Options include:

  • Forklifts: Our comprehensive new forklift inventory includes state-of-the-art models to maximize your facility’s efficiency and productivity. We offer solutions ranging from internal combustion and electric designs to specialized pallet stackers and reach trucks.
  • Golf carts:Golf carts are beneficial in warehouses and distribution centers for transporting personnel, small items and tools. These vehicles are compact, maneuverable and energy efficient, with the ability to help employees move around large facilities quickly.
  • Utility vehicles:High-performance utility vehicles help efficiently move finished goods, materials and personnel within a facility. We offer a diverse inventory of models that can transport heavy loads, streamline operations and help maximize space utilization.
  • Specialty vehicles:Specialty vehicles provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for transporting materials, tools and personnel across your warehouse. Options range from burden carriers and tow tractors to food and beverage carts.
  • Floor cleaning equipment: Facilities with large floor areas require thorough, regular cleaning to maintain a safe and efficient work environment. Floor cleaning equipment like industrial sweepers and scrubbers help remove debris, dust and spills, reducing slip hazards and promoting a clean operation.
  • Specialty equipment: Our new equipment inventory features specialized solutions that go above and beyond traditional options by providing increased capabilities in unique handling applications. Options include side loaders, multi-directional lifts, straddle carriers and more.

Our Used Material Handling Solutions

As a leading Toledo forklift and equipment dealer, Bohl Equipment Co. offers a complete lineup of high-quality used warehouse equipment solutions. We supply reliable models from brands like Hyster and Yale that deliver years of peak performance.

Forklift Rentals and Other Services in Toledo

Everyone at Bohl Equipment Co. understands the importance of keeping your machinery functioning at peak operating conditions. Our experienced service team is available for scheduled maintenance or repairs. We also offer rentals for your short-term equipment needs.

  • Rentals: Our rental fleet of forklifts and other material-handling equipment features advanced solutions that boost your short-term needs with the latest industry technology.
  • Parts and accessories: Our comprehensive inventory of in-stock parts and accessories helps customers promptly address maintenance and repair needs, maximizing operational efficiency and extending the life span of their machinery.
  • Repair services: We offer repair and maintenance services for all material handling equipment types, including a mobile fleet with fully stocked service trucks.
  • Training: Our training department offers forklift and overhead crane training that includes all applicable regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Contact Bohl Equipment Co. Today to Learn More

If you want to maximize the efficiency and performance of your material handling fleet in Toledo, Bohl Equipment Co. can help. Whether you need a repair, a short-term rental or a new machine, we have a range of high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Contact us today with questions or to request a quote.