2023 Cushman Hauler® Pro X Cushman

  • Model: Hauler® Pro X
  • Year: 2023
  • Horsepower (kW): 22.4 hp (16.7 kW)
  • Battery: (9) 8V, deep-cycle
  • Battery Charger: 72V DC
  • Fuel Type: 72V DC
  • Engine Type: AC induction
  • Drive Train: Motor shaft direct drive
  • Axles: Differential with helical gears
  • Brakes: Service: Rear wheel mechanical self-adjusting drum
    Parking: Self-compensating, single point engagement
  • Tires: 22x9-10 (4-ply rated)


  • Eliminate bulky chargers for easier, convenient charging
  • More efficient performance and hill-climbing power
  • More storage and added convenience


  • Added flexibility to connect and tow equipment
  • Lighter weight, yet durable for heavy loads

The Hauler® PRO-X boasts electric power designed to stand up to any challenge, with rugged tires and extra ground clearance that’s ready to take you places other electric vehicles would never venture. And while this uncompromising performance makes a loud-and-clear statement, the 72V electric drivetrain delivers silent power right when you need it.

Equipment Type
Specialty Vehicles / Utility